Just had a hair transplant. When can I return back to work?

In most of the cases, patients can return to work the next day after the session. Patient should avoid extreme sun exposure. Cardio exercise and swimming can be resumed 2 weeks after the session, while intense exercise, like weight lifting etc can be resumed after 4 weeks.

How many days after the procedure can I cut or dye my hair?

The patient can get a haircut done 15 days after the DHI hair transplant. Hair dying should take place not earlier than 45 days after the session.

Will the growth rate vary between existing and implanted hair?

Yes, implanted hairs will grow at a slower rate initially because new hairs are regenerated from stem cells.

When will I be able to see final results?

The complete results and full-grown hairs are visible in 12 months. The hair growth is visible within a month but as a natural cycle of hair, they fall and start regrowing between 3- 5 months.

Will the implanted hair stay throughout my life?

As 10% of your hair naturally falls in a life span, the same amount of implanted hairs will also fall. The rest of the implanted hair will stay for a lifetime because these hairs are resistant to the hair loss-causing hormones.

Are there any common hair transplant postoperative complications?

There are no complications as such but some patients may experience mild headache, swelling, itching or tenderness over the operating area after hair transplant. In those minor cases, the doctor prescribes the necessary medicines.

Why is it necessary to use saline water after the implantation?

Normal saline is the buffering solution after the grafts are extracted and implanted.

Is extraction associated with scarring or any other residual effects?

Scarring is not usually seen, scabbing goes off in around 5 days approx.

Are there any medications prescribed post DHI hair transplant session?

The patient is prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory course which needs to be followed for three days after the DHI hair transplant session. In some causes we might suggest painkillers or cortizone.

Are there any specific sampoos recommended post DHI hair transplant session?

Post DHI hair transplant session we recommend DHI Exrta Mild shampoo.

Do I need to be on any long-term medication to prevent transplanted hair from falling?

There’s no requirement of any long-term medication after the DHI hair transplant session, as the implanted hair will not fall. However the medical team might suggest PRP or minoxidil applications as a preservative treatment to prevent thinning and falling of the existing hair.

Will the hair extracted from the donor re-grow?

Since we extract the follicles (roots) there is no re-growth, but it has been noticed that about 5% -10% of hair regrows in some cases as a part of the root is sometimes left behind.

Will the hair transplant have an adverse effect on the existing hair surrounding the transplanted area?

No. With the DHI hair transplant technique, a minimum distance is maintained between 2 transplanted hairs and also between the transplanted and existing hairs. This ensures that surrounding hair follicles are not harmed due to “shock loss.”

Will there be any scarring in the donor area after the session?

There is absolutely no scarring with the DHI technique, only a mild redness in the donor area that will subside after a week post session.

Can I wear a hat or something else on my scalp after the procedure?

Not immediately after the procedure as that may damage the implanted hair. You can wear a hat after 15 days.

Will the body hair transplant lead to natural and satisfactory results?

Body hairs are utilized to maximize density, texture and growth patterns are almost identical to scalp hair implantation. However body hair does not grow to the same length as scalp hair.