The Diagnostic System for Alopecia – DSA

Correct diagnosis is fundamental to successful and permanent treatment.

We have collaborated with internationally renowned professors from public European universities to create the most sophisticated diagnosis system, offered exclusively by DHI centres around the world – DSA

Alopecia has several causes and appears in different patterns. DSA assesses each case; male or female, on individual merit and prepares a personalised plan of action.

The service is innovative, thorough and bespoke. It is delivered by three types of tests:

1. The Alopecia Test    2.The Psychological Test   3. Biological Tests


DHI Alopecia Test

The Alopecia Test examines the scalp and quantifies the availability of hairs in your donor area that can be effectively transferred. Your consultant will manage a test team that includes a dermatologist, a plastic surgeon, and an endocrinologist

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DSA step 1


DHI Psychological Test


The Psychological Test takes into account the significant psychological impact of your hair loss, which often causes anxiety and sometimes depression. We consider this a critical element of overall diagnosis.


DHI Biological Tests


The DNA Test – Our groundbreaking work with leading scientists at the University of Athens indicates a clear link between oxidative stress and hair loss. Our DNA test identifies if you suffer imbalances that cause this kind of stress and how you can combat the problem with topical treatment.

The Protein Test identifies the damage done to your hair by environmental exposure and hairdressing products. We can then advise how these can be countered with nutritional supplements. The test simply involves downloading a few of your follicles for fast turn around results.

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