DHI Direct Hair Implantation


Suitable for both men and women, Direct Hair Implantation is the most effective way to regain your lost hair.

The Unique Benefits of DHI Hair Transplant

Today, DHI is widely acknowledged as the world’s best hair transplantation technique. Unlike FUE and FUT techniques, Direct Hair Implantation is completely safe and completely painless, avoiding unsightly scars and holes. It is only performed by experienced, specially trained doctors and is the only hair transplant technique taught at an academic level at public European universities. Official certification is offered exclusively by the principal clinics of DHI Global Medical Group.

Absolutely Safe

DHI has established strict protocols that apply to all procedures, it is ISO certified and registered with the CQC of England.

Little or no down-time

Now, patients do not need to shave their hair before the procedure, and if needs be, can return to work and resume daily activities one day afterwards.

Painless Procedure

Only local anesthesia is used so the patient can comfortably watch TV, listen to music, or even take a nap.

Natural Results

The patented technology gives our doctors precise control over implantation and the design of completely natural looking results. The care of each follicle ensures maximum germination and the successful establishment of new hair for a lifetime.

Only by Doctors

Both the extraction and implantation of hair follicles are performed exclusively by DHI doctors, who are specially trained and certified by LHRTA, the world’s first academy of hair transplantation.

Germination Guarantee

DHI achieves up to twice the germination rates compared with the less sophisticated hair transplant techniques, FUE and FUT. DHI is the only technique that guarantees the full growth of 90% of the implanted hair follicles.

Amazing results, every time!

DHI Global Medical Group established, for first time in hair restoration, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which apply to all processes and at all levels, in order to guarantee safety, quality and outstanding results every time.


DHI Global Medical Group

Since 1970 we have been leading the field:

With ground-breaking developments in diagnosis and treatment of hair loss

With 75state-of-the art centers around the world and more than 50 years of experience, DHI has helped over 250,000 men and women deal effectively with hair loss.


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