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DHI Medical Group now offers you access to the world’s best hair loss diagnosis from the comfort of your own home.

Getting a proper, scientifically informed diagnosis is the crucial first step on your journey to successful hair restoration.

Our Diagnostic System for Alopecia (DSA) is the most accurate analysis to determine how hair loss can be best addressed, and hair restoration can be best achieved.

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Innovating Hair Restoration since 1970

DHI Global Medical Group is the world leader in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of hair loss. With 75 centres around the world and 50 years of experience, we have helped more than 250,000 men and women effectively deal with hair loss.

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Life-Changing Stories

Every week we share a life-changing story by our patients

Life-changing Stories

Living a life you love. Healthier, and for longer. And on your terms. ❤

This is my PRP journey with @dhiglobal 📈🤩💇‍♂️ (And with 250,000 transplant journeys...they are the…

Direct Hair Implantation

Direct Hair Implantation® is the world’s best hair transplant. Powered by technology, teamwork, and technique from the DHI Medical Group.

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The Most Advanced Diagnostic System for Hair Loss

In developing DSA we have created the most complete diagnostic framework. Hair loss occurs in a variety of different patterns and is due to many different causes, such as nutrition, psychology, genetics and the environment DSA examines all these factors so that we can prescribe an all-encompassing treatment plan for each patient.

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Treatment and Prevention of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a systemic disease and its treatment requires systemic solutions. As such it should be combatted in a range of ways – holistically.

We have worked with world-renowned scientists to develop the most comprehensive range of treatment options

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Testimonials: “Soul regeneration” offered exclusively by DHI.

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Testimonials & Reviews

Great experience. Better than expected. Very professional group. Highly recomended.

Odysseas M.

Session was painless. Friendly as can be. Enjoyed the whole procedure. Price was good too.

Ian K.

It was worth flying 2,500 miles to enjoy it. It was such a professional operation. My doctor and nurses were exceptional, always checking to see that i was confortable. I would recomend to my family and friends.

Robin W.

Excellent treatment. I felt i was between my brothers and sisters. I had a great time, absolutelly satisfied.

Husein A.

Great service from start to finish. Amazing professionals. A trully unforgetable experience.

Andy V.

Many thanks to all doctors and nurses for the amazing and hard job they did. Exceeded all my expectations.

Mehmet F

I got to repair and old hair transplant that was not looking good. Direct Hair Implantation is the best hair transplant technique by far.

Allan H.

Everyone has been so proefessional and kind and i can not wait to see the results. I restored my hairline and DHI gave me all the help i needed.

Michael T.

Excellent care and service from start to finish. The doctors where extremelly gentle. The session was perfect. So glad i did this procedure in DHI.

Garil P.

I' ve had such an amazing time here. I will recommend DHI to every balding man i see. I was made to feel like home from the second i walked through the door.

Denis K.

I had a two days session. The whole staff was very friendly and very professional. I recomend this clinic to everyone who is loosing his hair.

Nadav S.

I came from Instambul, Turkey. During the session i felt like home. I would highly recomend DHI to everyone who are not happy with their hair.

Huseyn T.

I travelled to DHI from Israel. It was an amazing treatment. Highly recomended to all men loosing their hair.

Eram S.

I chose DHI to repair an old FUT. Here, they are trully professionals. They did an amazing job.

Jason T.