Leading hair restoration since 1970

DHI Global Medical Group has been dedicated solely to the  education research, diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp disorders for 50 years and has helped more than 250,000 delighted patients across 75 locations worldwide.

During these years, DHI Global Medical Group has been a leader in the evolution of the hair restoration industry by setting new standards and introducing innovative techniques and revolutionary hair loss treatments.

Founding of the DHI Global Medical Group

In 1970, Konstantinos P. Giotis founded the DHI Global Medical Group. The first DHI clinic was in Palo Alto, CA.

DHI Athens: The 1st European DHI Clinic

DHI opens it’s first clinic in Europe, DHI Athens. Today, DHI Athens is the headquarters of the DHI Global Medical Group.

DHI France

DHI Global Medical Group expands to France.

Introducing Micro Grafting
DHI introduces Micro Grafting, one of the first microsurgery hair replacement techniques in the history of Hair Restoration.
Prof. R.Nordstrom in DHI Athens

Workshop in DHI Athens with Prof. R.Nordstrom, writer of the first book about hair displantation.

K.P.Giotis awards Prof. Y.C.Kim

Prof. Y.C.Kim awarded by DHI chairman Mr. K.P.Giotis for his reasearch at University of Korea.

Presentation of Norwood Scales

Prof. O’Tar Norwood presents for first time the Norwoood scales at DHI Athens.

Top Hair Restoration Meeting

Prof. J.C. Kim, Mr. K.P.Giotis and Mr. R.Shiell, ISHRS past president meet and discuss about the future of Hair Restoration.

DHI Athens is awarded with ISO 9002 Certification
DHI Athens becomes the first Hair Restoration clinic to be awarded with the ISO 9002 Certification, a quality assurance designation that demonstrates the commitment to a consistent level of quality recognized under International standards.
Choi Transplanter
Dr. J.C. Choi and Y.C. Kim were the inventors of the “Choi Transplanter”.
DHI Hair Workshop

Dr. O’Tar Norwood lectures at the 4th DHI Hair Work Shop.

Introducing the DHI Implanter

DHI Global Medical Group introduces the DHI implanter, allowing for improvements in follicle viability.

DHI developes FUE
DHI Medical Group develops FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) in conjunction with some of the finest doctors in the Hair Restoration industry.
DHI in Milan

Konstantinos P. Giotis lectures at the Face Congress, in Milan, Italy.

Introducing Direct In technique

Direct IN Technique was developed in response to surgical innovations in hair replacement. In this procedure, up to 2,000 follicles were implanted in an out-patient session of up to 6 hours.

Introducing SHF technique

SHF (Single Hair Follicle) technique introduced at DHI Clinics and incorporated as an enhancement of the Direct IN Technique.

Introducing DHI Total Care System

DHI Total Care System is launched, bringing together extensive research, advanced diagnosis, superior treatment and the promise of lifetime support to our clients.


In 2010, DHI Global Medical Group introduced the Direct Hair Implantation, a minimally invasive technique, that sets new higher and quality standards in the field of Hair Restoration worldwide. Today, the world famous DHI Direct Hair Implantation is the only hair transplant technique taught at public European Universities.

DHI at London's Harley St. Area

The impressive DHI Building in London’s most prestigious medical district, the Harley St. Area, serves as DHI’s world Headquarters and Training center.

Leading the Hair Restoration industry

DHI Medical Group continues to lead and innovate in hair restoration science, contributing results and abstracts about current research and upcoming breakthroughs which it regularly shares and presents at the most prestigious hair science conferences around the world. In January 2012, DHI London Clinic renewed the Certification of Care Quality Commission. In November 2012, DHI Athens Clinic was certified with an ISO 9001:2008 certificate from TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS.

DHI expands in Asia, Africa and South America

On July 25, 2013 DHI Global Medical Group signed an agreement with Walnut Healthcare, a group company of Mr Raaja Kanwar of Apollo Group, a $6.6Bn group head quartered in India, having diversified businesses across the globe, and granting exclusive rights to Walnut to expand the DHI franchise internationally in Asia, Africa and South America. DHI Global Medical Group had granted a Master Franchise for India to another group company of Mr Kanwar in 2010.


In 2013, DHI’s annual Academy Masters Meeting was held in DHI Athens.

DHI at Harrods

DHI signs association agreement with Urban Retreat at Harrods and expands to USA, Nepal, Philippines and Afghanistan.

Partnerships with European Universities

DHI Global Medical Group strengthens partnerships with public universities in Europe and actively contribute to courses.

European and US patents

DHI receives European and US patents for the new Direct Hair Implantation instruments.

Hair DNA Analysis

DHI collaborates with Kapodistrian University of Athens and initiates a research project led by Professor Vassilis Gorgoulis, entitled “Study of human hair follicle stem cell niche: highlighting new perspectives on human hair restoration”.

DHI physiacians University certification

For the first time in history of hair restoration, DHI physicians certified in hair restoration at an academic level from public European universities.

Direct Hair Implantation at public Universities

In 2016, DHI Direct Hair Implantation becomes the first hair transplant technique that is taught at public European Universities.

DHI at the University of Athens

In 2016 the annual DHI Academy Masters Meeting took place at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

Psychological aspects of hair loss

DHI Global Medical Group collaborates with Professor of Psychiatry in the University of Athens, Charalambos Papageorgiou, on a research which is aimed at in-depth study and exploration of psychiatric dimensions of hair diseases, and the frequent connection of hair loss with psychopathology.

Breaking world records

New world records were achieved by the DHI Global Medical Group by implanting more than 10,000 hairs in one session!

Lyon University Certification

K.P. Giotis is awarded the certificate of “Baldness and Hair Transplant Diploma” bu the university Claude Bernard of Lyon.

DSA Diagnostic System and the Hair Biology Test

DHI introduces DSA Diagnostic System for Alopecia and the Hair Biology Test. A revolutionary system based on sophisticated technologies and medical research for the prevention, diagnosis and proper treatment of hair loss.

K.P. Giotis recieves University award

K.P. Giotis recieves award at the University of Athens for his lifelong contribution on the field of Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Alopecia and hair disorders.

World Institute of FUE

During the 2nd International of the World Institute of FUE, K.P. Giotis was listed among the seven most important reformers in the history of Hair Restoration, the only European on the list.

Introducing the DPR

DHI introduces the DPR, a new program for the Diagnosis, Prevention and Restoration of hair loss.

DHI- European Business Awards

DHI Global Medical Group has been named as ‘One to Watch’ in Europe in a list of business excellence published by the European Business Awards.

DHI Masters Summit

The 26th DHI Academy Masters Meeting was held on Monday, September 23, at the Andreas Sygros Hospital Amphitheater, with the official presentation of new scientific data on the relationship between Trichology, Dermatology and Psychology.

DHI Wins The European Business Awards 2019

DHI Global Medical Group Wins The International Expansion Award At The European Business Awards 2019. The “Germany Trade & Invest Award for International Expansion” was awarded to DHI for developing and implementing a successful, dynamic and innovative strategy for its expansion both domestically and globally leadership in its industry.

Academy Masters Meeting 2020 ONLINE

The Academy Masters Meeting 2020 marked the 50 years of DHI Global Medical Group and for the first time it was held online due to Covid-19.

DHI Anagen

DHI introduces the DHI Anagen programme. DHI Anagen is a dynamic combination of treatments to prolong the Anagen Phase of hair.