The DHI experience

We know that the decision to have a hair transplant is not simple and cannot be taken lightly. Before you choose, do your research thoroughly. If you still have questions, we are happy to help.

At DHI we have a team of leading experts in the field of hair transplantation who are ready to guide you and talk to you in detail about all the options related to the treatment of hair loss. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, or email to book your appointment.

Learn the steps of DHI hair transplant

The most common instructions before treatment are:

Avoid tea, coffee and smoking before the session.

Before your arrival, choose a light breakfast.

On the day of the session, our team will welcome you and prepare you for the procedure. We will take care of everything you need in order that you have a good experience.

The moments before your first hair transplant are exciting and understandably filled with a sense of anticipation but they can sometimes be tense and cause some nervousness. DHI clinical staff have the answers to all your questions and will make you feel relaxed, comfortable and at home. We aim to make your experience both interesting and enjoyable.

Your DHI session will run the length of the morning and afternoon. There is a comfortable designated area where you can enjoy a light meal at lunchtime and catch up on emails or just relax.

Following the session, we provide you with a light snack and a bag that contains everything you will need for the following three days: a course of medication, saline spray, and written self-care instructions.

You will be able to wash the donor area 24 hours later, and gently wash the recipient area after three days

You will not be cognitively impaired and able to resume work as soon as the next day, should you wish to.

You should not take vigorous exercise for 7 days

You will have been aware of our diagnosis process since you first contacted us, when we assessed your donor area to advise on the action you should take.

This attention to detail will continue after your session because at regular intervals we will see you either in person or remotely, to track your progress and see how your transplant is developing.

At our post-operative evaluations, we will continue to provide advice on medication and PRP therapy. When necessary, we will also assess any persistent hair loss and the condition of the donor area in case further transplants are required. The evaluation stage is vital if we are to have a consistent implantation strategy and long-term results.

They say that patience is a virtue. Twelve months after the hair transplant, the result will be complete, and your patience will be rewarded.

The first signs of new growth will be visible between one and three months, and growth will continue thereafter.