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A special Hair Restoration case of a 16 year old boy who had lost all of his hair in Zone A was completed yesterday at the DHI London clinic.

The young boy started facing hair loss problems at the early age of 14 because of wearing a tight topknot.

When the boy became a young teenager he became conscious about his problem, especially when he went swimming or the wind blow. He was pushing for a permanent solution when a Trichologist recommended him to visit DHI and learn everything on the advanced DHI Hair Transplant Technique.

His parents have supported him every step of the way and yesterday he finally had the DHI Hair Transplant session at the London clinic. During his conversation with the DHI Medical Team he shared his story and confessed that he is very pleased with the procedure  he believes that this will build up his confidence.

During the procedure the DHI Medical Team managed to transplant a total of 2,515 hairs.

Because of the young age of the patient, DHI wont publish relevant photos.