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With Direct Hair Implantation it is now possible to transplant hair to any part of the body. Just see at the following Body Hair Restoration session (abdominal region) that was held at the DHI clinic in Athens.

Follicular units were extracted from the donor area (the back of the patient’s head) in respect to precise calculations which determined the exact number and type of hair needed to achieve a completely natural appearance and the desired density. During the session, 1,980 implants were extracted and implanted (both single and double hair follicles) in total corresponding to 2,800 hairs.

The DHI medical team implemented the design in accordance with the needs and desires of the patient and positioned the hair follicles toward the navel and in the direction of the existing hair.

The hair follicles were implanted with a positioning angle of 20 degrees while the density was 20 hairs per square centimeter in areas with bare skin and 10 to 12 hairs per square centimeter in the areas where hair still existed.

The body hair restoration session was held under local anesthesia and lasted a total of six hours. The initial results will begin to be visible in the coming months and the new hair will grow normally like the rest and never fall out.


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