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In 2013, DHI Global Medical Group was the first medical organization to advance from the dark ages of brutal strip extraction (Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT) adopting instead the superior method of Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE. Since then we have taken one further giant step forward in pioneering a technique that represents a paradigm shift in the art and science of hair restoration.

After seven years of relentless research and development, our team introduced the world to the next generation; we call it Direct Hair Implantation, which is offered exclusively by our DHI centers worldwide.

The technology employed in the Direct Hair Implantation technique allows each single hair follicle to be transferred directly from the client’s donor area to the recipient area in need of restoration. The unique DHI patented tool, the DHI Implanter, allows the doctor to control the direction, angle and depth of each follicle, providing 100% natural looking results and the maximum chance of success for each implant.

The uncontested advantages of Direct Hair Implantation compared with both FUT and FUE, include:


-No holes or incisions prior to the implantation using the DHI Implanter

– Implantation immediately after extraction for small sessions

-No scalpels and no stitches

-No swelling after the session

-Minimally invasive

-Pain free local anesthesia

-The whole procedure is performed only by DHI trained doctors and not by assistants

-Faster growth and faster healing

-97% verified growth versus the industry average of below 50%

-Up to 7000 hairs in one session and 15000 in a ‘lifetime’ plan

-Suitable for all male and female hair loss types

-Both body and facial hair restoration

-100% natural looking results guaranteed

-Every part of the procedure is performed under the unique DHI Total Care System, the world’s first and only quality standardization of procedure. DHI Total Care System is part of the only Academic Training Program for doctors at Evgenidion University Hospital

-Thousands of examples of success stories are available from DHI Global Medical Group

In 2009, after the big success of Direct Hair Implantation procedures and in order to offer proper education for doctors and other health care providers, DHI established the world’s first and only full time training institution for hair restoration, the London Hair Restoration Training Academy (LHRTA).

All DHI Global Medical Group doctors, nurses and clinic managers are trained, certified and annually evaluated by the LHRTA which is now associated with two major public European universities and offers courses to successful and talented candidates to train with the DHI Total Care System for hair restoration.

Since its establishment in 1970, DHI Global Medical Group has changed the world of hair restoration and as a consequence the lives of thousands of men and women who suffered from hair loss worldwide.

Faithfull to the its vision, DHI is now changing the world through hair restoration by helping hair loss patients to find themselves again!


Konstantinos Giotis

DHI Global Medical Group founder