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How DHI managed to conquer the world of hair transplantation
“DHI, the result counts.” Really, who has never heard the legendary slogan of the 80’s? It was the time when hair loss treatments began to be applied timidly in our country with DHI invading the market, gaining not only the lion’s share but also the trust of tens of thousands of patients who by then had given up all hope in the battle with the nightmare. of hair loss. Four decades later, DHI’s slogan is still as relevant as ever, and the Greek-rooted medical group continues to lead the way in hair transplants.

Konstantinos Giotis: The great visionary
DHI was founded in 1970 in California by Konstantinos Giotis, the Greek who has dedicated his life to the war against hair loss, gaining worldwide recognition for his multifaceted work.
Known as “the man who changed the world of hair transplantation”, the founder of DHI Global Medical Group, saw his name among the seven pioneers in the history of Hair Restoration, was awarded for his contribution to the University of Athens and today, 50 years after the founding of the Group, he continues to work day and night with unwavering passion, faithfully serving his vision: To change the world and society by restoring the lost confidence of all those suffering from hair loss and scalp disorders.
Now, the DHI brand is intertwined with the treatment of hair loss and he has every reason to feel proud since his creation is the largest medical organization in the treatment of hair loss, with more than 75 centers worldwide and more than 250,000 satisfied patients in every corner of the globe.

Hair Transplantation: The “Revolution” of 2002
It is a fact that just a few decades ago, specialized centers and clinics that were active in the field of hair loss treatment, were counted on the fingers. At the same time, the cost of hair transplantation was prohibitive for middle-income people while the whole process was extremely time consuming and laborious, with the results not offering the desired naturalness. Thus, millions of patients around the world, not only did not have a hair transplant but, moreover, had a negative impression of it and, of course, had now come to terms with their image.
The big change came in 2002, a year that is considered a milestone in the modern history of hair transplantation. Then, Konstantinos Giotis officially announced that DHI stops performing sessions with the barbaric FUT-Strip technique, while presenting the clearly more advanced FUE technique. A few years later and after much research, he managed to develop FUE to the highest level, developing the most perfect and most effective hair transplant technique, the famous Direct Hair Implantation that was to change the lives of millions of men and women around the world. .

The best hair transplant technique
Unlike other techniques used today, Direct Hair Implantation offers 100% natural results, is performed in just a few hours – using local anesthesia – and is completely painless as it does not include stitches and scars since the transfer of hair becomes hair-to-hair, directly from the donor to the recipient area.
In addition, DHI hair transplants allow patients not to shave their hair for the session but also to return to work and daily activities the very next day, without any problems at all.
In fact, the germination rates of DHI hair transplantation reach 95%, while the other techniques do not exceed 60%. The growth of new hair is completed gradually over a period of 12 months while the hairs that are transferred are no different from the rest and are kept healthy and strong forever!
Today, DHI hair transplant technique is the only one in the world that is taught academically at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the University of Lyon in France and other leading European public universities. It is worth noting that at DHI centers, hair transplant sessions are performed exclusively by experienced and certified doctors trained at the London Hair Restoration Training Academy, the first academy for the training of hair transplant medical staff.

Diagnosis: Take the first step
According to what DHI experts report on, the correct diagnosis of hair loss is the first step for its effective treatment. Before any treatment, patients undergo the advanced DSA diagnostic system which includes a series of innovative tests, which examine all the factors that affect hair loss.
Specifically, the DSA includes tests related to hair follicle health, genetic predisposition and the environment, as well as psychology that plays a catalytic role in hair loss. The results of DSA are what determine the ideal treatment plan for each patient.

Prevention: You can save them
Recently, DHI presented another revolutionary program that this time, concerns the treatment of hair loss and is addressed not only to those who experience hair loss but also to all those who want to prevent any such eventuality. This is the DHI Anagen Lab, the holistic program that puts a brake on the development of hair loss and is addressed to men and women, offering an individualized treatment proposal for each patient, with measurable results.
The new holistic program includes strengthening hair treatment, improving the patient’s psychology – which is known to play a catalytic role in hair loss, as well as a series of daily products that strengthen the hair, reduce hair loss and help increase hair growth.

Beware of imitations!
As expected, the shocking success and impact of the DHI hair transplant could not go unnoticed and is now a product of copying from hundreds of centers around the world. In fact, in Turkish clinics, it is offered at an attractive cost but with tragic results since the sessions are performed by poorly trained staff, with the result that even human lives are endangered. For this reason, the experts of the group advise patients to be very careful in choosing the center they will choose and not to be carried away by promises that can turn the dream into a nightmare.
With a presence in 30 countries, DHI Global Medical Group is the largest and most experienced medical organization in the field of hair restoration while the fully trained scientific council of DHI consists of world-renowned specialists, university professors and specialized doctors. And that is why today, fifty years after its birth, DHI Global Medical Group remains the ultimate leader in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of hair loss.

DHI also operates normally during the lock down period, following strict safety and hygiene protocols.