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When it comes to hair transplantation you have three options. These are: FUT, FUE or DHI.

FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation is the procedure in which a section of the scalp is removed and then stitched and divided under a microscope to create grafts. The grafts are then implanted by making recipient holes. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is where actual follicular units (also known as grafts) are extracted. Once extracted they are placed under a microscope to redivide them, reduce them, and multiply them.

As with FUT, the hairs are then implanted by making recipient holes.DHI or Direct Hair Implantation —developed and patented by DHI Medical Group —is where the follicles are extracted individually one by one and placed in the DHI implanter. Once they are removed they are placed in a special solution that increases the survival rate of the grafts. This allows the follicles to have a success rate of 94-96% the top percentage in the hair restoration industry.

Finally, using the DHI patented implanter the hairs are implanted with the correct distribution level, angle and direction under complete control of the doctors expert hand.It’s common knowledge that certain techniques are shared between these methods. For FUE and FUT the implantation part is the same. Reception holes are made and then the hairs are implanted inside the scalp using forceps. The problem with this, is that this method provides limited control on both the depth, direction and the angle of the implanted hairs which leads to aless natural looking result.

The DHI Technique is far more advanced. 50 years of technological research by top scientists at The DHI Medical Group has allowed us to practice the most advanced method of hair transplantation. Our technique allows our doctors to implant the hairs directly into the scalp with extreme precision using our implanter that is just 1-2 millimetres in diameter.


So, now you understand the differences within the industry. Many people ask and you can too, how many grafts do I need?

The first and most important step of treating hair loss is a proper diagnosis. Do you need DHI? Why do you need DHI? Can you qualify as a DHI patient?

Diagnosis is a Greek word meaning “through knowledge”, which is the most important part of everything we do in life. With 50 years of experience, The DHI Medical Group’s industry expertise has enabled us to develop a comprehensive, sophisticated and advanced diagnostic system. Hair loss is a systemic disorder and as such requires a systematic approach using Trichology, Dermatology & Psychology. We are proud to have experts in each of these fields working within The DHI Medical Group and offering their services to our patients.


How our diagnosis works

Our team will examine you carefully, then based on theresults of your examination they will inform you of the best treatment plan for yourself. This will be based on your expectations as well as the result that can be achieved. Such as, the amount of grafts/hairs it is possible for us to extract and what coverage and density this will give you.The DHI Academy has developed proper SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and training programmes in association with esteemed European Universities to train, certify & evaluate doctors and nurses. In fact every single staff member is now trained and certified by the DHI Academy. We even offer an online education program for our patients! We use this training to give the most accurate diagnosis possible and ensure great natural results.


The next question you should ask: How many grafts do I need and how much it is going to cost?

Cost is an obvious factor when choosing the solution to your hairloss problems and as a result many people might choose the cheapest options available. However that is a decision that should be made after they have had a comprehensive, informative and trustworthy diagnosis by a medical professional which is often not the case. We understand costing is a factor and offer 0% interest finance options at many of our clinics you just need to check with your local DHI team.

If you are unable to attend your local clinic, DHI has now developed a system which can be done online. It is a distance diagnostic program where each patient is examined and discusses their thoughts with a team of experts. This is called an online diagnosis and is service available to all patients. Last but not least! Before making your decision, you can talk with some of our patients who have already undergone treatment with us. Here at DHI we believe in total transparency and we are happy offer you a list of patients in your area to enable you to speak to them about their experience and what to expect.