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The story is written by the winners. The story is written by those who dared to move away from the shore and discover new oceans. By those who had a vision, believed in it with their soul and even devoted their lives to it.

According to the American academic and writer Warren Bennis: “Leadership is the ability to transform vision in to reality”. The main attribute of the great leader is none other than the skill to inspire all those around him, even his opponents. Because with his example, he creates the desire for all to imitate him or make all others follow him on new journeys, even if they seem unreal and too difficult.

The DHI Global Medical Group founder, Konstantinos Giotis, is not only a natural born winner but also, a charismatic leader.

Today, 47 years since the founding of DHI, his name is among the leading seven pioneers in the history of Hair Restoration, among the top seven who succeeded in developing the Hair Transplantation industry.

During the 2nd International Congress of the World Institute of FUE, the DHI founder was listed among the seven most important reformers in the history of Hair Restoration. Worth noting that in this relevant and so important list, Konstantinos Giotis is the only European.

Throughout his career, Konstantinos Giotis never set out to loose, only to win. And he did it because:

He dared

Back in 2002 he was the first to take the decision to abandon the brutal FUT technique, replacing it with the FUE technique that he then pioneered.

He developed

A few years after the introduction of FUE, he went one step further and developed the world famous advanced Direct Hair Implantation, the only hair transplantation technique being taught at an Academic level by the Evgenides Hospital of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

He invested in education

He founded the London Hair Restoration Training Academy, the first and only hair restoration academy on the world.

He innovated

It was him who devised the most advanced and complete system for hair loss diagnosis, the DSA.

He envisioned

From the first day, his vision was to change the world and society by restoring the lost confidence and self esteem to all patients suffering from hair loss and scalp disorders. And this is exactly what he intends to achieve with the new Dhi Prevention and Anti-Aging program. This groundbreaking new program focuses on the needs of each patient by examining the aesthetic aspects of hair loss, as well as the in depth examination of the psychological and biological effects on the health of each patient. The outcome is the most complete personalized hair loss prevention treatment plan for every individual that the world has ever seen.

Today, the DHI Global Medical group is the world’s largest and most experienced medical organization devoted to hair loss treatments bar none, with more than 60 clinics around the world and over 200,000 satisfied patients.

The DHI family is proud of having a real winner and a true leader at the helm of our medical company, “the father of modern hair restoration” Konstantinos Giotis.

Innovation is what distinguishes the leader from the one who follows.
Steve Jobs, 1955-2011, American Entrepreneur (Apple)

The leading seven pioneers in the history of Hair Restoration as presented during the 2nd International Congress of the World Institute of FUE:
  • 1804 – Baronio
  • 1866 – Thiersch
  • 1869 – Reverdin
  • 1939 – Okuda
  • 1952 – Orentriech
  • 1995 – Woods
  • 1970 – Giotis