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The way of living in conjunction with age, various stress to which we are all committed in a daily basis but also our eating habits, directly affect our health and hence, our hair.

Until today, there was no diagnostic test that accurately reveals the state of health of our hair and at the same time, to provide solutions for those who are facing baldness problem.

This big gap came to cover the new Hair Protein Test developed by the Institute of Biology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biotechnology of the National Hellenic Research Foundation in collaboration with the DHI Global Medical Group, the largest and most experienced medical Group in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss.

What is Protein Hair Test and how it helps in the treatment of hair loss?

The Hair Protein Test gives irrefutable information for hair health and ways to deal with hair loss with auxiliary/preventive action.

Specifically, reveals the State of oxidation of a patient’s hair follicles with hair loss and at the same time, answering the question whether the everyday living conditions and the age have influenced and altered proteins, i.e., the functional particles of hair follicles.

So, if the tests show that there are serious lesions, the medical team of DHI proposes specialized treatment. After two months of treatment the examination is repeated and the patient has now written the results demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment and the need for continued or not.

Conversely, if the tests show that the condition of the hair follicles are expected based on the history and age of the patient, the medical team of DHI will suggest specialized protection/prevention education in order to increase as much as possible the duration good hair follicles.

The Hair Protein Test is done with simple and fast download some hair follicles of the patient while the big advantage is that it gives the patient the ability to get in the hands of measured scientific proof so the condition of the hair follicles and the effectiveness of specialized education that will follow.

The new Hair Protein Test is part of the DPR (Diagnosis- Prognosis- Prevention) and is offered exclusively from all centers of DHI Global Medical Group.