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“Is the DNA damage detected in hair follicles from patients with androgenetic alopecia oxidative stress driven?”

The answer to the question and the results of the major stem cells project of DHI Global Medical Group and the University of Athens will be announced very soon and will lead to a new innovative “Hair Biology Test” that will be introduced to all DHI patients worldwide!

More specifically, the new “Hair Biology Test” will be part of the sophisticated diagnostic system for hair loss, the DSA, and will be available to all DHI patients, helping to clear the confusion and to offer a complete medical diagnosis for all types of alopecia, for both male and female hair loss.

The DHI research project in collaboration with the Medical School of the National University of Athens, led by Professor Vassilis Gorgoulis and entitled “Study of human hair follicle stem cell niche: highlighting new perspectives on human hair restoration”, studies the characteristics of stem cells of hair follicles in humans and their immunological microenvironment in order to clarify their role in the cycle of renewal of hair follicles, the regeneration of hair and therefore, the effectiveness of follicular transplantation for the restoration of hair growth. The research project started about six monthes ago and the final results are expected very soon!