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The DHI Global Medical Group recently held its annual New Year’s celebration in Athens, Greece, a chance for the DHI team and partners to come together to kick off the New Year with a bunch of fun.

Although now headquartered in the UK, DHI has never forgotten its Greek roots, with a heritage that permeates the company’s approach to men’s hair and wellness. The most well-received and meaningful moments were those dedicated to honor the DHI team and clients, past and present.

One of the finest moments belonged to DHI patient and evangelist, Ben Chambers who came all the way from England to a huge round of applause. Special mention should be made of the guests of honor, Professors Skandalakis and Papageorgiou whose scientific work developing DHI’s unique innovations underscores the excellence of the DHI brand.

DHI’s next international event will be held in Sounio on the Athens Rivera on June 12th and 13th. Information about the event be found as it becomes available on the website, or by following DHI Medical Group on Facebook

Konstantinos P. Giotis and Mike Giotis

Celebrating at Half Note Jazz Club, Athens

Mike Giotis with the DHI Pitta

Konstantinos P. Giotis with the Oscar for “The Man Who Changed The World Of Hair Restoration”

50 Years DHI

Konstantinos P. Giotis and ex DHI Athens clinic director, Dinos Kottaridis

Prof. Panagiotis Skandalakis with DHI Founder, Konstantinos Giotis

Prof. of Psychiatry (University of Athens) Charalambos Papageorgiou

DHI patient and evangelist, Ben Chambers came all the way from England for the DHI Pitta Day

DHI Pitta Day