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hair loss

The DHI Global Medical Group proudly presents the newest and biggest innovation since Direct Hair Implantation – the new DPR programme!

An exclusive Diagnosis, Prevention, Restoration membership programme against Hair Loss offering a complete diagnosis and personalized treatment options! A programme designed by DHI in collaboration with the University of Athens.

Now, DHI gives you the chance to become a member to this exclusive membership programme for free and receive a complimentary introductory package of services worth 1,900euro and a 20% discount on all future products and services!

The introductory package gift includes:

  • 1x Hair Protein Test
  • 1x Dermatology & Hair Analysis
  • 1x Stress Analysis
  • 1x DNA Analysis
  • 1x PRP treatment
  • 1x Antioxidant Lotion
  • 1x Direct Hair Implantation (up to 500 hairs)

This offer is valid at DHI London and DHI Athens until Dec 31st 2018 for 1,000 chosen patients only. *Conditions apply.

DHI Global Medical Group: 48 years commitment to excellence through Education, Innovation and Regulation.

Join now and let us take care of restoring your confidence!

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For a better evaluation, please, upload one or more photos of the area suffering from hair loss, and one more of the back of your head.


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*To be eligible for the current offer, individuals need to be 20-35 yrs of age with an alopecia diagnosis (I-III on the Norwood Scale) and no dermatological problems. Also, introductory package services must be utilised within 24months of registration.