Eyebrow Restoration with Direct Hair Implantation

DHI Medical Group has developed the unique eyebrow restoration treatment for every case and need with Direct Hair Implantation

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Εμφύτευση στα φρύδια

Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrow Restoration – Step by Step

  1. The doctor thoroughly designs the eyebrow area according to the needs of the patient, and the defined symmetry
  2. The number of  required hairs and the kind of follicle grafts required for a natural result and density are counted
  3. The required hair follicles are extracted from the donor area (usually the back of the head)
  4. The extracted hair follicles are placed into eyebrow area
  5. The implanted hairs grow for a person’s lifetime

Before and After DHI Eyebrow Restoration

Πύκνωση Φρυδιών Πριν Πύκνωση Φρυδιών
Σχηματισμός Φρυδιών Πριν Σχηματισμός Φρυδιών
Φρύδια Γυναίκα - Πριν Φρύδια Γυναίκα

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