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DHI Global Medical Group stood out at the European Business Awards sponsored by RSM held on Wednesday December 4 in Warsaw, Poland.


The European Business Awards are Europe’s largest and most important entrepreneurship awards aiming at creating a European business community that represents best business practices, innovation and business ethics, rewarding businesses that demonstrate all these values.

Photo: With Achim Hartig, Managing Director at Germany Trade & Invest

The business competition began last year with over 150,000 business from 33 countries initially considered. Of those, 2753 businesses were named ‘Ones to Watch’ in a list of business excellence

published in July. After a further review from a panel of independent judges, 363 companies were announced as ‘National Winners’ for their countries, and finalists for the competition.

The “Germany Trade & Invest Award for International Expansion” was awarded to DHI Global Medical Group for developing and implementing a successful, dynamic and innovative strategy for its expansion both domestically and globally leadership in its industry.

Despite overwhelming competition, the judges recognized DHI Global Medical Group’s entrepreneurial ingenuity, ethical philosophy and successful and steadily rising financial performance. As a result, the awards honored it as the best among the 11 companies from all over Europe that had reached the final in this category.

The prize of DHI Global Medical Group, “The German Trade & Invest Award for International Expansion” was received by Peggy Stavrianou, DHI Operations Manager and Theofanis Skoulatos, DHI IT Manager. The award was dedicated to the DHI Founder, Konstantinos P. Giotis who founded the Group back in 1970 and had the vision of changing the world through Hair Restoration.

The CEO of DHI Global Medical Group, Mr. Kottaridis George, said: “We have a vision. We want to help people suffering from hair loss and that is what drives us to become better and more innovative. With 50 years of experience and a lot of love for people we are expanding around the world, changing people’s lives. It is our honor to have won such an important award.’’

The awards are evaluated annually by the European Business Awards jury sponsored by RSM, which is made up of distinguished executives from Europe’s academic and business world. It is worth mentioning that members of this jury have been: Yves Leterme, Belgian Prime Minister, Philip Forrest, President of the International Customer Service Institute, Takis Clerides, Cyprus Finance Minister, Jose Aznar, Spanish Prime Minister Karel De Gucht, European Commissioner for Trade, Arnold Rüütel, Estonian President Emil Constantinescu, Romanian President Petar Stoyanov, Bulgarian President, etc.