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Hair is a reflection of a woman’s personality and it’s no wonder that the average woman spends thousands of  Euros on her hair during her lifetime along with almost three hours per week on washing and styling them so that she can look and feel pretty.

When a woman looks good she feels good and when she feels good she looks even better. This is a fact that happens because when she feels good she becomes much more confident and the respect she receives from others grows, both at work and at home.

Healthy and shinny hair improves a woman’s life in every way. Hair contributes greatly to women’s self-esteem, motives and actions but unfortunately, alopecia is not only a male’s “prerogative”. Millions of women around the globe suffer from hair loss and are desperately seeking for a solution to their problem. However, the treatment is initiated by the intention.

DHI Global Medical Group, the global leader in hair restoration, has set up the unique Total Care System for the life lasting treatment of hair loss. Just follow these three steps!

Step One

The correct diagnosis is the basis for successful and permanent treatment and that’s why DHI has invented the most sophisticated diagnostic system for hair loss, the DSA which now includes the new Hair Biology Test.

But what exactly is the DSA and how does the Hair Biology Test works?

The DSA was developed by a team of world renowned experts to provide an accurate and personalized diagnosis for all types of alopecia, hair and scalp disorders, both for women and men. The DSA examines each case individually, including psychological aspects, dermatological examination and mathematical aspects of available hairs in donor area over a lifetime, the DHI alopecia test and the brand new Hair Biology Test before determining the appropriate treatment plan.

A team of DHI experts which includes an administrative consultant, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, psychologist and endocrinologist are involved in the diagnostic process to properly assess each patient’s needs. A scientific board compiled of internationally renowned medical experts supervises and approves every treatment plan.

The HairBiology Test is extraordinary new aspect recently added to the DSA which provides answers as to whether oxidative stress has caused damage to the DNA in hair follicles of all those suffering from Alopecia.

Step Two

After completing the DSA and the Hair Biology Test, the DHI Specialists help the patient to schedule the correct treatment plan that suits her needs and expectations, based on an advanced multilevel diagnosis.

Today, hair restoration is by far the most effective treatment for all those suffering from hair loss and scalp disorders. Absolutely safe, with maximum density and 100% natural results for lifetime, DHI’s technique is the by far the best and most advanced worldwide. The whole procedure is performed by physicians trained and certified by the DHI Hair Restoration Academy of London, the one and only Academy in the world in hair restoration, and under strict DHI quality standardization protocols that ensure great results every time. In most of the cases, patients can return to work the next day after the session. The complete results and full-grown hairs take 12 months, however the hair growth is visible in two months. The implanted hairs continue to grow throughout a person’s lifetime and do not fall out.

Apart from Hair Restoration, DHI offers other hair loss treatments such as Scalp Micropigmentation (MPG),  Hair Prosthetics and the new line of hair growth shampoos and lotions for healthy hair and scalp.

Step Three

Now, the new hairs are in public, on view for all to see. Time to enjoy them, cut them, stylish them and “use” them to project your identity, the way you want it. Do not forget: There is a wealth of research data that says that attractive people, but especially attractive women with healthy and shinny hair, get better job offers, higher salaries, more dates and more marriage proposals.