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A hair transplant is a specialized medical procedure which requires the skill and expertise of a physician  trained and certified in hair restoration. This is the only way to guarantee the patient’s safety and the outcome of the procedure.

Countless patients find their way to us in search of repair for the botched results they’ve received by entrusting the procedure to other clinics, who do not abide by these standards. A recent example comes from a patient who had not one, but two failed transplants in Europe and Turkey before discovering DHI.

The description of his time at an Istanbul clinic is a patient’s worst nightmare.

“I previously had an implantation of synthetic hair done in Europe and was ashamed of the results.  I made the decision to travel to Turkey to try and fix the damage. What I lived there, I will never forget.  Before I made the arrangements, I had been assured that the hair transplant was performed only by doctors. I realized quickly upon arrival that nothing could be further from the truth though. I felt a sense of panic and dread in the pit of my stomach. I asked the nurses several times if the doctor could please see me himself, but this request was repeatedly ignored. It didn’t take long to realize that whoever was performing the transplant had no idea what was going on with my head. It felt like he was improvising as he went along. I started screaming—I couldn’t help it. This seemed to be the only thing that got the nurses to pay attention to me. They finally yelled for the doctor to come quickly. When he arrived, he approached me, pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, and offered me one to help me relax.  I couldn’t believe this was happening!  There was no doubt this was an amateur I was dealing with and I had been completely mislead. I just wanted it to be over and get out of there before my health was compromised any further. I am yet another victim of an unprofessional hair transplant which ended in tragedy in Turkey. ”

The DHI Global Medical Group held a two-day repair and rehabilitation session for this unlucky patient to fix the tragic results of his synthetic hair implantation. He was immensely relieved to find himself in the hands of experts, finally, and was thoroughly satisfied with his experience and the journey to Athens.