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It’s commonly assumed that the careful maintenance done to preserve vibrant, healthy hair is a mere act of vanity done solely to enhance one’s appearance. This mistaken impression neglects just how much hair, and subsequently hair loss, affects our overall psychology in general.

According to numerous scientific studies,  hair has proven an indispensable factor in the image that has every man and woman has of themselves. There are a range of negative psychological manifestations that can occur with hair loss, including feeling less desirable ( “Without a full head of hair, I’m no longer attractive”), reduced sociability ( “I don’t even like seeing myself in pictures anymore. Why would anyone else want to look at me?” ), fear of old age ( “Losing my hair means I’m getting older and falling apart”), a problem without solution, (“I’m going bald and nothing I do can stop it. I’ll only get worse”) and general malaise and depression. Unfortunately, only approximately 10% of people who suffer psychological stress related to hair loss seek therapy or guidance in the matter.

Significant psychological benefits are reported with a successful hair transplant. We are a far cry from the barbaric, unsuccessful practices of the past. The hair transplants of today are simple and virtually painless procedures with outstanding results that last a lifetime. These innovative new procedures not only restore the hair you’ve lost, but the confidence as well. The vast majority of DHI patients attest to experiencing dramatically improved feelings of self-worth after the transplant. By exuding a greater sense of confidence and charisma, patients report a greater ease at thriving in whatever they choose to pursue.

Take the journey of hair restoration with DHI and restore your confidence today. The time has come for you to invest in yourself, which is undoubtedly the greatest investment of all. What are you waiting for?