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“Why DHI Exists”  by the DHI Founder, Konstantinos P. Giotis

When I grew up in a mountain village in Greece, I never thought I would make my name in the hair restoration industry. I had other plans in mind — when I arrived in the US my priority was to study and enter finance. In fact, I was offered a position at the Bank of America headquarters in San Francisco on a Monday. The weekend before, I just happened to meet the man that changed my life.

Robert A Johan, was the founder and owner of Sportsman Hair Industries. Bob invited my wife and me for dinner the next day and over the meal with our families, convinced me to start work on Monday. I resigned from B of A. That’s how I started in the hair restoration industry.

The first patient that I met at Sportsman Hair was a patient who was Norwood 4/5. He was so excited to decide to do something about his hair loss. He was a young, energetic and successful gentleman but still, hair was so important to him. That really got me excited. I realized at that moment how important this work is to these men.

Let me share another story to help you understand why our patients are so important to us.

When I started my own company a couple of years later, one of DHI’s first patients came to me and said “Hi Kosta, this is the third time I’m here.”

I said, “Third time? I’m the only consultant, I’m the only one here and this is the first time I see you.”

He said, “No, the first time I drove all the way, an hour, and I spotted the building from across the street and I left. Second time, I came up to the door and I saw the name on the door but I didn’t have the courage to ring the bell and I left. Third time, I rang the bell and here I am.”

Imagine that, he found the courage.

Since then, I have met thousands and thousands of patients with the same need, the same feelings. My mission is to help people find themselves again through hair. That’s why DHI exists.


K P Giotis