Treatment And Prevention Of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a systemic disease and its treatment requires systemic solutions.

As such it should be combatted in a range of ways – holistically.

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The New DHI System For The Treatment and Prevention of Hair Loss

We have worked with world-renowned scientists to develop the most comprehensive range of treatment options

It is suitable for men and women, of all ages and hair loss levels. It offers a menu of personalized treatment suggestions: Diet, Psychological Therapy, Daily Care Products and Strengthening Therapy.

Menu of Personalized Treatment Suggestions



Diet is an important contributor to hair quality and general hair health.  Hair follicle cells have a highly active metabolism, which requires appropriate nutrient intake.

Our team assesses the dietary habits of each patient and identifies deficiencies. If necessary, an improved eating regime and/or dietary supplements are recommended, which can play a significant role in preventing hair loss and the development of new hair.


Psychological Therapy

Stress can cause hair loss, and in turn hair loss can cause stress – a vicious circle

As part of our diagnostic process, each patient undergoes a psychological test so that, if deemed necessary, the treatment of anxiety and depression might also be addressed with appropriate support.

Anti-hair loss products

DHI has developed the most comprehensive range of daily care products that help stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair.

The range caters for men and women and for all hair types. It includes shampoo, conditioner and hair loss lotion.

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