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“First, do no harm”, Hippocrates


The 26th DHI Academy Masters Meeting was held on Monday, September 23, at the Andreas Sygros Hospital Amphitheater, with the official presentation of new scientific data on the relationship between Trichology, Dermatology and Psychology.

This years DHI’s international medical conference, was named for the first time Masters Summit, and brought together prominent scientists and academics from around the world who presented for the first time the scientific results of their researches on Trichology, Dermatology and Psychology and how they relate in the field of of Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Hair Loss .

At the same time, during the Masters Summit, the new technological innovations of DHI Global Medical Group were officially introduced, including the new system for Diagnosis and Prevention of Hair Loss.

DHI Global Medical Group founder Konstantinos Giotis said in his speech that DHI continues to pursue Safety, Education and Higher Education for both medical staff and patients with hair loss.

This year’s Masters Summit honored leading figures in the field, including George Cotsarelis (Professor of Dermatology: University of Pennsylvania), Antonella Tosti (Fredic Brandt Endowed Professor, Dr. Philip Frost Dep. Of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery). : University of Miami), Fransesco Amenta (Prof. of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health Products: Director of Camerino University), Dimitrios Rigopoulos (Prof. of Dermatology: Andreas Syggros Hospital Director: University of Athens), Panagiotis Scandalakis (Prof. of Descriptive Anatomy: University of Athens), Charalambos Papageorgiou (Prof. of Psychiatry, Director of Aiginition Hospital, University of Athens), Konstantinos Kouskoukis (Prof. of Dermatology, President of International Health Tourism Center) and Theodore Margiolis (University of Athens) ).

The 26th Academy Masters Meeting ended with a Gala Dinner and the Phidias Awards at the Athens Lawn Tennis Club.