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2014 Academy Masters Meeting was held on May 31st and June 1st, 2014 at Cape Sounio resort

Over 100 DHI masters of global hair restoration met under the magnificent temple of Poseidon, presented their study cases and debated on the latest innovations of:

  1. Direct Hair Implantation’s faster growth and higher survival rates
  2. New promising stem cell therapy
  3. MPG-Micro hair simulation’s live demonstration
  4. New DHI Products
  5. New Single Use Instruments
  6. New PRP protocol, among others

Representatives from UK, Greece, India, UAE and France have presented their amazing DHI hair, face and body hair restoration results.

The DHI founder Mr. K.P.Giotis presented the SOPs ‘’Standard Operation Procedures’’
6 Books with quality protocols and a detailed manual of the DHI Total Care System.

Mr. K.P.Giotis also presented his latest edition of the book ‘’HAIR LOSS – Balance your opinions’’

The DHI founder said ”We are the world’s best team in hair restoration. This meeting reconfirmed the superiority of our innovations and the total commitment of the DHI world wide team’’

DHI will soon present studies to prove that the DHI Direct Hair Implantation method produces growth of more than 97% vs. 50% of the industry average, across the globe

This year’s ”Pheidias awards” went to:

  1. Dr. Georgia Ligda Phd, Global Medical Director
  2. Dr. Jarir Al-khaledi, DHI Jordan
  3. Mr. Ajay Bansal, DHI India