Masters' Summit 2019

23rd of September, Amphitheatre of Dermatological Hospital Andreas Syggros & DHI Athens

Psychology, Dermatology and Trichology:
How the three are linked!

Keynote discussions around new learnings and innovations lead by expert guests.
  • Safety, Education and Regulation in Hair Restoration
    Konstantinos P. Giotis, Founder of DHI Global Medical Group & President of LHRTA
  • Introduction to Trichoscopy
    Antonella Tosti, Fredric Brandt Endowed Professor, Dr. Phillip Frost Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, University of Miami
  • External Factors Influencing Hair Loss
    Dimitrios Rigopoulos, Prof. of Dermatology -Venereology: Director of ‘Hospital for Venereal and Skin Diseases “A. Syggros, University of Athens
  • Hair Follicle Stem Cells and Regeneration
    George Cotsarelis, Prof. of Dermatology: University of Pennsylvania
  • Hair Restoration: Where Will it be in Ten Years
    Panagiotis N. Skandalakis, Prof. of Descriptive Anatomy, University of Athens
  • University Education in Trichology
    Francesco Amenta, Prof. of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health Products, Director of University of Camerino
  • A New Educational Program for Hair Restoration Medical Assistants
    Theodore Margiolis, Assistant Professor of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, University of Athens
  • DHI Psychophysiological Diagnostic Approaches
    Charalampos H. Papageorgiou, Prof. of Psychiatry, Director of Aiginiteion Hospital, University of Athens
  • DHI Direct Hair Implantation Moves & Limbic System
    Charis Damianou MD, DHI Specialist
  • DHI Direct Hair Implantation VS F.U.E./F.U.T.
    George Gounaris Plastic Surgeon MD, DHI Europe Medical Director
  • Common Mistakes in Hair Restoration
    Ilias Evangelatos Dermatologist MD, DHI Academy Chief Trainer
  • Beard Hair Restoration
    George Liosis Dermatologist MD DHI Athens Medical Director
  • The Role of DHI in Health Tourism
    Konstantinos Kouskoukis, Prof. of Dermatology-Venereology, President of International Heath Tourism Center