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DHI and Deloitte join forces to the mission for safety education and regulation in hair restoration! 

22 July  2020

DHI Group is pleased to announcethat it selected Deloitte as its long-term partner that will provide advisory services supporting the transformation of DHI Global Medical Group and the creation of value for its shareholders, partners and associates. Over the next 18 months Deloitte will work closely with DHI Group Founder and Chairman, Kostas Giotis, and key Executives in evaluating strategic growth options and streamlining corporate structure andthe operating model, aiming to capture opportunities in the global market. Deloitte will deploy all necessary resources to ensure that the various Transformation Program streams are aligned with the overall strategic direction and deliver the intended results. We are looking forward to this collaboration and trust that the knowledge and business acumen Deloitte will bring to the relationship will be valuable in supporting DHI’s mission.

Konstantinos Giotis, DHI Group Founder

Dimitris Koutsopoulos, CEO, Deloitte