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The new DHI line of antioxidant products for the integrated care of the hair, protects the hair from the everyday stress life (or from the stress of everyday life) and the damage caused by environmental factors, giving them a boost for renew, health, vitality and radiance.

Chamomile extract:
Soothing, antioxidant and antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory action.
It takes care of sensitive, allergic or irritated skin from external causes (e.g. UV radiation). Soothes the skin.

Zozompa extract:
Moisturizing, protective, anti-inflammatory action, helps in dry tips, cases of dry, dandruff or irritated scalp. Helps preventhair loss. It offers nourishment, hydration, elasticity, gives shine.

Moisturizing properties, anti-inflammatory, against free radicals. Moisturizes, rejuvenates and maintains the health of theskin and hair while protecting against free radicals. Strengthening the roots and strengthens the hair, as a result to have health and shiny hairs.

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