What Is The Best Method Of Hair Transplantation?

See the differences between DHI, FUE and FUT (Strip) hair transplant.

At present, those who want a hair transplant have three options:

  • The FUT (Strip)
  • FUE
  • Direct Hair Implantation techniques.

FUT - Strip Procedure

Unfortunately, even today, many clinics around the world still apply the FUT-Strip technique. Essentially, FUT-Strip is the technique performed by taking hair follicles from the donor area, by removing a strip of skin flap on which hair follicles are contained.

After designating the strip of skin to be removed from the recipient area, local or general anaesthesia is performed and then the skin is incised on both sides. The strip of skin is then detached from the subcutaneous fat with scissors or a scalpel. This is one of the most critical phases of the operation because if the incision is made very deep then the aesthetic nerves of the area are destroyed resulting in postoperative side effects such as chronic pain at the site of the incision.

FUT- STRIP Technique

After the skin strip is removed, the wound is sutured (with nylon sutures or hair follicles) and the implants are processed. The treatment is performed under a microscope where the strip of skin is gradually dissected to give implants. This stage is another disadvantage of the FUT-Strip technique as most transplant units produce grafts that are large for implantation resulting in abnormal results. In addition, during the treatment, the cuttings are damaged and the transplanted hair follicles show reduced survival.

The last stage of the procedure is the placement of the hair follicles in the area suffering from hair loss. It is indicative that even today, many clinics place implants by creating holes/sockets and using a scalpel or scissors. Once the hole is made, the implants are placed with the help of a valve, a process that in many cases is painful and bloody and, in some cases, may even lead to scarring in the recipient area. In addition, it is worth noting that the experience and the delicate manipulations during the process play an important role in the final result and that the use of large implants lead to unsatisfactory aesthetic results with a doll-like effect (appearance like a doll).


The FUE technique is clearly more advanced in terms of hair follicle extraction (it is not done by incision) but the hair implantation is similar to FUT, ie by creating holes.


Today, DHI hair transplantation is considered the top technique in the world. Unlike the other two, Direct Hair Implantation is completely safe and painless without unsightly scars as the hair is transferred from hair to hair, directly from the donor to the recipient area.

Direct Hair Implantation is the only technique in the world that is taught academically by public European universities and is offered exclusively by the centres of DHI Global Medical Group. Unlike other techniques, at DHI the procedure is performed only by experienced and highly trained doctors who are certified by the London Hair Restoration Training Academy.

Direct Hair Implantation: The Most Advanced Technique In The World
The procedure is completely safe and painless, it is performed in a few hours with the use of local anaesthesia and the patient does not need to cut or shave his hair. He can then return to work one day after the session, without any problems. The new hair is no different from the rest and the result is so natural that no one would ever know that it has been preceded by any hair loss treatment.

In any case, DHI experts advise those interested to conduct an in-depth investigation before choosing the doctor or the centre where they will carry out their hair loss treatment. DHI emphasise that patients should be very cautious and not get carried away by unrealistic promises.

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