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Many patients suffering from hair loss wonder: “How fast is the healing after the DHI Hair Restoration? Will I be able to return to my job soon?”

You can find the answers to the above questions by looking at the following photos of a DHI patient, only 20 days after his Hair Transplant. Konstantinos Tsagkanis, the winner of the free DHI Hair Transplant says that the whole procedure was a piece of cake and mentions that he has all ready returned to his usual daily schedule.

Although I never hid from anyone that I had a hair transplant, few are those who have taken notice. Both the donor and the recipient area are looking great and it’s impossible for others to guess that I had hair implants. I go to my job with no problems at all, I go out with my friends, I enjoy the summer. Nothing has changed. I know that it’s too early but I must confess that I am thrilled by the design of the hairline. It looks so natural and I think that after a few months, my image will be totally different. Really looking forward to that!

Kontsantinos Tsagkanis had his Hair Transplant done on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 of June. The Giga session was performed at the DHI clinic in Athens and during the two days the medical team managed to transplant a total of 6.198 hairs (2.903 Grafts).


Photos 20 days after the DHI Hair Restoration

ΕΑ 20 ΗΜΕΡΟΥ (2)

ΕΑ 20 ΗΜΕΡΟΥ (5)

ΕΑ 20 ΗΜΕΡΟΥ (11)

ΕΑ 20 ΗΜΕΡΟΥ (14)

ΕΑ 20 ΗΜΕΡΟΥ (15)